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Latest Blog and Free Music 

Read my members only latest blog "Third Party Perspective" about Seven Year Switch. There's also a free download button of She Is Loved at the bottom of the blog (the song I played for Eric!). Take full advantage of your membership and grab it while it's free for a limited time! Thank you for your support and kindness! xoxo Click Third Party Perspective

New Members Welcome! 

Welcome New Member! We're so excited you've joined the community! Now you can read private posts from Rachel and get free music and other insider perks. Read this very exclusive members-only post about Rachel's struggles on FYI's Seven Year Switch and download her new single She Is Loved free for members (instrumental version). Now you can sing along and perform She Is Loved anywhere! Read Coming Home! #SevenYearSwitch

New Private Blog and New Free Song! 

The one thing that has kept Rachel from openly sharing her thoughts is the idea that anyone from anywhere could read them! Problem solved! Become a member of her site today and you can read private messages from Rachel and post comments within our own exclusive community. Of course if anyone spreads hate, we will take away their membership pronto. But we're excited to start talking and connecting with you on a deeper level! Read Rachel's first member-exclusive post about Seven Year Switch Experiment Thoughts

Don't forget to grab your FREE song "Don't Listen to Me" at the bottom of this page and enjoy! xoxo

Rachel on TV! 

Tune in to the FYI network's new docu-series premiere Seven Year Switch Tuesday July 7th 9/8c to see Rachel and possibly hear Rachel's new single "She Is Loved" featured. This is a first for Rachel and she's excited to be sharing her music on the show, which is such a huge part of her story and always will be. Check back for future blogs and details about Rachel's journey as the season progresses.