Rachel's Story

Rachel Farris is a singer, songwriter, and international recording artist with an extensive background in the mainstream music industry. Rachel’s career highlights include a Top 40 hit song, “I’m Not the Girl”, sharing the stage with All-Star Acts, being featured on LidRock- her songs distributed to millions, and a write up in Billboard Magazine praising her songwriting. Recognizing the mainstream music industry was ultimately a trap for creative souls, Rachel chose to walk away from her life’s work and passion several years ago.  

While she always searched for truth and saw life as a journey to find it, it wasn’t until Rachel went back to college to study religions, mass media, political science, and history, that she began to fully awaken to the even greater deception and web of lies and control surrounding us. She found everything was connected, from music to politics to religion to science, and learned how to critically think.  

Rachel later experienced a life altering spiritual awakening that has eclipsed all previous knowledge and feels compelled to share her insights and experiences to hopefully point others in the direction for their own spiritual awakening. Rachel supports others on their unique journey to truth and on their spiritual path through her Promising Music also, so that we as the human collective can consciously stop dividing ourselves and create a more loving world. 


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