1. Sweetest Thing

From the recording Above the Rug

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Sweetest Thing
Music & Lyrics by Rachel Farris ©2012

I could be wealthy
 enough for houses all around

I could be funny
, book a full house in every town

I could be slamming, my body in the greatest shape

I could be tanning out by the ocean on the cape

It’s still the sweetest thing to fall in love

And no one knows what you’ve been dreaming of

It’s hard to walk around and keep your cool

The natural thing is grinning like a fool
It’s still the sweetest thing

It’s still the sweetest thing

It’s still the sweetest thing

I could be honored for an invention like the car

I could be brilliant, have top degrees and pass the bar

I could be famous for all the hit songs of my time

I could be cherished and have my face on every dime, every dime

I could have everything

I could have everything

But it’s not the same

I still want love

I still want you