From the recording Above the Rug

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He's So Into Her
Music & Lyrics by Rachel Farris ©2012

She’s the girl who keeps a wrench by her Tampon

Glove compartment is reserved for what goes wrong

Mine is there to make everything go right

Extra lip gloss to last through the whole night
She’s the girl who follows all the football teams

She knows the terms, the plays, and all the in betweens

I’m the girl in the kitchen making homemade dough

I hear her screaming downstairs like go team go

He’s so into her, I see him smile

He’s so into her, he likes her short hair and her style

She’s in cargo pants and a hat that says Bass

I’m in blue jeans that accentuate my ass

She would take a hike for twenty-eight days straight

She wouldn’t care if processed food is all she ate

I can barely live a month with a suitcase

I would need a special soap to wash my face
She adores the Wii and all DSL games

She knows the stats, the best and worst of all the names

I’m outside in the sun with a brand new book

I’m buying things just to go back home and cook

Don’t care much about the levels and boards you’ve passed

Don’t want to hear about your cars and driving fast

I like to keep my hair long, not short

I couldn’t win you if my case were held in court