1. Now We Know

From the recording Fairytale

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Now We Know
Music and Lyrics by Rachel Farris ©2005

I haven’t seen you for some time
But I’m counting the days
For our laughter to combine
I’ve forgotten all your ways
They are distant in my mind
Such a short time to know you when
Things were moving fast back then

Now we know life will go
It will go till we stop it
We should know there will be
One more thing till we stop it
It’s our choice
Stop the noise
Hear the voice in the promise

I am nervous for your face
It will all come shining through
I will judge by your embrace
Lest my judgment should fall through
I could spare my own disgrace
But that’s not what dreamers do when
There’s a chance for happiness

I have done this before
Dreamed there was so much more
Now I’m left to infer what you are
What you were
What I am, what you were