1. Seventeen

From the recording Fairytale

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Music & Lyrics by Rachel Farris ©2005

I still like gummy bears and worms
I still don’t like to touch the germs
Still don’t ride my bike over the sewer grill
Try to get things on my terms
Had my share of bangs and perms
Still look for a thing in life to spark a thrill

I still feel sweet deet de de deet
Still feel like seventeen
I try to run and I’m learning to sing
I contemplate why girls are so mean
Still call mom about everything

I still get so emotional
Stuff myself till I’m too full
Still like sitting way up front to raise my hand
Still have so much left to learn
Made mistakes I’d like to burn
It’s all better at the game and hot dog stand

I’m staying this way forever
I don’t want to change
I act young and I like it
I know it’s strange