1. Beautiful Man

From the recording Fairytale

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Beautiful Man
Music and Lyrics by Rachel Farris©2004

I hope you’re not just in my life so I can write about you
I hope that you’ll stay in my life so I don’t live without you
Now I know what they meant when they said you’ll just know
Because now I know and you are it
So let’s not take it slow

Beautiful Man
Come on and claim me
Try to tame me
If you can
Beautiful Man
You know that you want me
Please baby hurry
Take my hand

I don’t want to wait too long I really want to kiss you
I don’t want to travel now because I would really miss you
Now I know love is cash and I want to be rich
No more crying on my dash
You’re my missing stitch

Oh baby hurry, I know I’m pushy
I’m just so happy when you’re near me
I want to love you
I want to trust you now
I’m perfect for you
I know I’ll get you
I’ll have to chase you if you pass me by
I’ll make you happy
I’ll make you see somehow