1. La Anthem

From the recording Fairytale

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La Anthem
Music and Lyrics by Rachel Farris©2003

Thoughts are annoying, so controlling
Constantly pouring over my brain
They’re so persistent, I can’t resist it
There is no profit, only more pain

But I have to work it out
Pressing through my fear and doubt
But at times I’d like to shout

La da da da da da da da
La da da da
La da da da da da da

Something is stirring, slowly growing
Firmly gripping me from inside
Anxious and pending, hope is unending
Poised for the sending, suffering aside

I just work out in my head
Passing hours up in bed
So I try to sing instead

Do you know I’m happy though
Oh it’s hard to see
I’m still on top even though I feel
Far below what all I know or see

Nothing can slow me
Wind doesn’t blow me
I’m growing thicker by day
Strength in my branches increasing chances
No glance is haunting my way

If my mind is stronger than me
Shouldn’t it be the very reason I lose
Just stick around and you’ll see
How I can be so full of joy when I choose