From the recording Soak

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I’m Not The Girl
Music & Lyrics by Rachel Farris©2001

You try, you fail
You make a bad impression
I cry, you bail
Sticky situation
I know you know It’s your infatuation
You stay, I’ll go

I am not the girl you thought I would be
I will never be so get over me
I am not the girl I’m going to be
Nothing more to say

My wings, they grow
Call it evolution
Some things move slow with determination
You ask, you pry
It’s your desolation
You wonder why…

You can’t deal with change
You can’t handle me
You won’t let me be
Why do I have to hear you say these things over and over,
Like I’m not this and I’m not that?
How many times do I have to listen to you try to make me be something that I’m not?
Why am I not this way, why can’t I do the things you want me to do?
Why can’t I talk like you want me to talk?
Well, I’m tired of trying to make myself be what you want me to be, I am me

I don’t foresee any resolution
You won’t agree
Unfavorable reception
I know I need out of this attrition
Do you hear me?