1. I Should Go

From the recording Soak

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I Should Go
Music & Lyrics by Rachel Farris©2001

I found you
When I wasn’t looking
I had you
When I wasn’t lonely
Then I lost you
When I didn’t think that I could

I love you
I know that you love
Sometimes I hate you
For making me wonder
If you’ll ever
Come anywhere close to loving me
Because I swear I should let you go

I could never come back crawling to you just to beg
I don’t know it could be you all crazy in my head
I think you know what you are doing when you mess with me
I pray you’ll help me leave you now

I want you
I want you to want me
I miss you
I think that you miss me
I forgive you
I hope you’ll forgive me too
Because I swear I don’t want to go

What do you want, where did you go
Where is your heart
I want to know