1. The End

From the recording Soak

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The End
Music & Lyrics by Rachel Farris©2002

More pain than joy, more fear than peace
When you are gone I’ll be way more at ease
Two sides to you, Jekyll and Hyde
I’ll never trust you and we over-tried love
I confide, love, in you

I’m letting you go
Today begins the end
I’m letting you go
I know before I wasn’t sure
But now I am, no whim
I’m letting you go

Not much support for what I do
I try to tell you but I can’t get through
The life you lead, leads me to this
It’ll suffocate the purest bliss, love
Every kiss, love, is doomed

This time it is for real
No room for your appeal
The truth has been revealed

You think we’re the same, I’ve had enough
You try to guess and you are so far off
It takes so long to know someone
It was so hard and not a bit of fun, love
We are done, love, it’s true